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Streamlined help desk and contact center setups

We at Smart Instinct provide various services to optimize your help desk or contact center. This includes web portal setup, auditing and consulting on admin settings and user/agent experience, reporting dashboard design and setup, tool integrations, monthly admin services, and training. Let us handle the day-to-day support operations so your team can tackle more challenging tasks.

Web Portal & Help Desk Setup

Web Portal & Help Desk Setup

We’ll create a customer web portal for you that guides users to self-help with your support content and limits communication between customers and agents. A contact form will also be included to boost first-response resolutions. We’ll ensure that the portal looks and feels consistent with your website by using our web development resources to follow your branding and style guides.mfdaaASSS 

Help Desk Audit & Consulting

We can audit your help desk or contact center, regardless of its age or setup history. Our experts will analyze your agent interface, reporting, and customer web portal to identify areas for improvement and suggest best practice solutions. This will enhance your workflows, agent efficiency, and customer self-help, leading to improved usability and reduced support requests.
Help Desk Audit & Consulting
Reporting Dashboard Design & Setup

Reporting Dashboard Design & Setup

We can automate the manual reporting process of your team and provide customized reports that help you gain insights efficiently. Our team will work with you to determine your reporting needs and implement settings in your help desk’s interface and web portal accordingly. This way, you can get away from manual reporting and have a more automated way of gathering metrics.

Integrating Help Desk/Contact Center with other Tools

Integrating your help desk with other tools your support team relies on can speed up your workflow and provide a better customer experience while saving costs. We prioritize native integrations from the help desk app marketplace for reliability but will suggest best practice reliable 3rd party integrations, and custom integrations.
Integrating Help Desk/Contact Center With Other Tools
Admin Managed Services For Ongoing Maintenance, Optimization, And Consulting

Admin Managed Services for ongoing maintenance, optimization, and consulting)

Managing a cloud-based help desk or contact center can be time-consuming and overwhelming. With numerous tasks to handle, such as admin settings, routing, business rules, onboarding, knowledge base upkeep, and standard response updates, it can be challenging to keep up with everything while attending to daily tasks. We offer on-demand admin support for maintenance, upkeep, and optimization needs, allowing you to focus on other tasks. We provide a low monthly baseline for hours with the option to add additional hours with email approval. This provides you with the flexibility to have as much or as little support as needed each month while keeping monthly costs low.

Agent and Admin Training

To ensure your team can use your help desk effectively, we offer training and documentation. If your admin team is new to your current help desk, our team can assist by providing training on the settings and functionality. We conduct group training sessions and provide reference documentation for future use.
Agent And Admin Training

Our story so far…

Our Story So Far
Smart Instinct was founded by Jay Biros, our founder and CEO with 13 years of experience in the support and client services industry. Throughout his career, Jay has helped companies optimize and customize their user, agent, admin, and management experiences by simplifying complex and time-consuming tasks. At Smart Instinct, we understand the importance of what happens behind the scenes in any business. With our team’s expertise, we’re ready to share our smarts and instinct with you.